Our Mission

  • Inspiring our employees to contribute back to the community by, sensitizing them to the issues and needs of the community and engaging them with the community through volunteering and giving opportunities.
  • Supporting NGOs to scale and build their capabilities through our core skill of IT.

What we do

The Leadership Team

 Mr. Ashank Desai
Mr. Ashank DesaiCo-Founder Director and Ex- Chairperson of Mastek Ltd
He has also been one of the founding member of Nasscom the lobbying body for the IT industry in India. Ashank happens to be one of the founders and managing trustee of Mastek Foundation. Being alumni from both IIT and IIM, Ashank holds the vision of Mastek Foundation. He believes that giving will increase if the giver is well informed and the receiver is responsibly utilizing the offer.
Mr. Radha Krishnan Sundar
Mr. Radha Krishnan SundarOur Mentor
He is the founder and CEO of Majesco Ltd. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Sundar is passionate about leveraging the scale of NGOs through Information Technology and under his leadership the activity has taken a new shape. He is acting as a mentor for Mastek Foundation. His years of experience as a board member in Sankara Eye Foundation has immensely impacted Mastek Foundation in strategizing its initiatives.
Mr. Sanjay Mudnaney
Mr. Sanjay MudnaneyCo-founder and Head of Mastek Foundation
Former Vice President Corporate communications at Mastek and is currently head of Marketing at Cashless Technologies Ltd. Sanjay is instrumental in helping and guiding Mastek Foundation initiate many innovative practices to engage individuals with the community.
Mr. Raj Shekhar
Mr. Raj ShekharFounder and Principal Consultant at Realyze
He also provides executive coaching to leadership teams. At Mastek Foundation Raj supports the IT transformation for NGOs initiative. Operating in the IT industry for over 20 years Raj is very passionate about technology and its usefulness in daily life. Hence he has come forward to support Transformation of NGOs through IT where he shares his unique idea to scale up activities of NGOs through IT.

The Foundation Team

Pradyumna Kumar Das
Pradyumna Kumar DasTeam Member
Pradyumna manages the entire initiative of Transformation of NGOs through IT of Mastek Foundation. He being the Test lead in Mastek Ltd has 14 years of extensive experience in Project management. Pradyumna loves to read listen to music and it also concerned about fitness.
Vijay Sapaliga
Vijay SapaligaTeam Member
Vijay is operating as the Chief Evangelist –CSR in Finance and admin dept. of Mastek Foundation. He is with Mastek Foundation for 5 and ½ years. Vijay is very passionate person when it comes to managing all the events of Mastek Foundation. There were at times when Vijay single handedly conducted events for Mastek Foundation. Apart from his daily accounting business he also takes care of fund raising activities of the Foundation. Vijay is a sports freak person he loves to play cricket, swim and take part in marathons.
Jashoshree Sen
Jashoshree SenTeam Member
Jashosree is functioning as the Chief Evangelist – CSR, Projects in Mastek Foundation for 2 and ½ years. She takes care of the NGO partnerships, CSR strategizing, policy drafting. She is also a responsible for conducting employee engagement activities. She believes that when employees are meaningfully engaged with community the impact is visible on both sides. She is passionate about social development. Her favourite pass time is watching videos on YouTube.

NGO Talk

As an non profit organization with big plans of scaling up, technology will need to play a big part in our ability to scale up our operations, and we need to be able to leverage it better. It would not be possible to do what we did without the active support of Mastek.  

KSWA is now making a meaningfull impact on the lives 500 K students on year to year basis

Shivani Mehta, Operations Director - Kherwadi Social Welfare Association

Employee Talk

Many Masteekers as individuals and teams contributed whole-heartedly.  And what we got in return was priceless.  We witnessed the enthusiasm, curiosity and amazement often seen in children on the trip to the restaurant.  Their hearts were filled with gratitude as they felt belonging and pride!  One housekeeping staff even wept with happiness.  This is an experience I will never forget!  Experienced Miles of Smiles!
Olympia C.D’zouza, Lead Documentation - Mastek Ltd.