Environmental Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking action that are in the interests of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life. It is an important topic at the present time, as people are realising the full impact that businesses and individuals can have on the environment.

To achieve the goal is to work towards:

  • Associating with non-profits todevelop green zones in barren lands in Navi Mumbai
  • Promoting afforestation in areas where deforestation has taken a toll in the surrounding areas
  • Plantation of trees at Rabale Hill in Navi Mumbai
  • Animal welfare is also an agenda where street animals are cured through surgeries
  • Associating with non –profits to provide equal treatment to all species

Projects Supported by Mastek Foundation

An NGO on the Field

Hariyali is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), working in the field of protection and up gradation of environmental conditions, having its base in Thane, a twin city of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 and donations to the Corpus of the Organization are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.It is formed by and comprises of socially conscious citizens coming from cross – section of the society. It has a pool of academicians, field workers, writers, speakers, researchers, scholars, scientists, professionals from various discipllines, industrialists, business executives and administrators working for and under its banner. It has several ongoing and projected activities which are carried out mainly with the active participation and ‘Shramdan’ (voluntary labor) of students studying in various schools and colleges at all the levels, volunteers from CSR Teams of several corporates, members of other social service organizations like Lions, Rotaries, Giants, etc. Its activities and objectives are enumerated separately.Ever since its inception in the year 1996, Hariyali has been very active in the field of protection and up-gradation of environmental conditions, more particularly with the involvement and participation of the students community and nature-lovers.They are working in the field of viagra usa online protection and up gradation of environmental conditions. We are based in Thane, a twin city of Mumbai. Ours is 17 years old NGO. We are pool of academicians, field workers, writers, speakers, researchers, scholars, scientists, professionals, industrialists.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Thane

Thane SPCA runs the only animal hospital in the district of Thane with the support of 20 staff members and 3 rescue vehicles. Built with the help of private donors , brick by brick ,on an abandoned rocky land, it now has the capacity to accommodate 40 small and 6 large animals along with 3 separate enclosures for wild birds and monkeys and a garden specially for small animals like tortoises, rabbits and ducks. We have treated more than 28,000 cases in the last 9 years of our existence. We have transformed a completely rocky and barren land into a Green Zone in 1 year’s time. Our Aims and Objectives are AMELIORATIVE, PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE, SUPPORTIVE AND EDUCATIVE. Our future mission is to expand our services on a larger land with modern treatment facilities for domestic and wild animals. Our focus is on conservation and lobbying for legislative changes. We work very closely with the Animal Welfare Board of India and the High Court Committee to tackle cruelty issues. We are nominated on board of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation ( FIAPO ), on the District PCA Committees, Monitoring Committees, the State Animal Welfare Board and a High Court Appointed Committee to control illegal traffic of wild animals.