Commitment to one’s work gives employees a sense of purpose, and companies are learning that an excellent conduit to this feeling is involvement in cause. It involves businesses encouraging and supporting the involvement of their employees in community volunteer work. Employee volunteering results in clear benefits for businesses, employees and communities.

Mastek Foundation involves Mastek employees in community volunteering work. Under this programme, employees are encouraged to participate in the community projects supported by Mastek Foundation. Some of the activities under this programme are –

  • Blood donation drive
  • Clothes donation drive
  • Book donation drive
  • Teaching children at NGO’s

Mastek employees are regular donors at our blood donation drives for thalassemia patients. Every winter, the clothes donation drive for homeless people attracts liberal donations from Mastek employees. Every weekend, Mastek employees spend time mentoring children supported by various NGOs. The Foundation organizes a regular book donation drive for setting up and contributing to libraries run by the NGOs. During and after public festivals in India, Mastek employees volunteer for clean-up activities. The Foundation actively promotes a ‘green’ culture (‘greenovate’) for conserving the environment.

Informed Payroll Giving Program

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax efficient scheme at Mastek which allows employees to give money to charity of their choice by having a deduction taken straight from their gross pay. There is no tax for the charity. Payroll Giving offers Mastekeers the opportunity to channel their support for their social concerns whilst at the same time demonstrating the company’s credentials as a socially responsible business.

Green Champions

Green Champions are a group of employees who have come together for the cause of environmental sustainability. They have taken various initiatives like tree planation, developing green areas near office, spreading awareness on pollution, etc.

Green Champions are a network of employee who have come together voluntarily for the cause of environmental sustainability. They work together to make Mastek a greener place to work. The role is flexible and designed to suit staff interests, priorities and schedules. At its core, it’s all about being enthusiastic about green issues in Mastek and working to help improve Mastek’s environmental impact. They have taken various initiatives like tree plantation, developing green areas near office, spreading awareness on pollution, etc.

I Want to Volunteer!

Welcome volunteers! We appreciate your intention of volunteering with us. The Foundation encourages a number of Volunteering programs through its initiative. Currently, we are currently involved with the following NGOs:

These programs are open to all Mastekeers and their families and friends. Even if you are not directly associated with Mastek, please feel to contact if you are interested to participate in any of these programs/locations. If you have participated in any of our programs recently and would like to share your views and experiences and suggestions.

Please write to us at mastekfoundation@mastek.com